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Quiz Master

Quiz Masters

STOP PRESS: Crystal makes you the Quiz Master at your next event – let our iPad event technology keep score.

Make your event even more memorable with a quiz. A quiz helps you engage, inform and entertain your guests and delegates. Quizzes are brilliant for testing knowledge, reinforcing key messages and having some competitive fun. Over the years, we’ve run technology supported quizzes many corporate and charity event organisers.

Crystal Interactive’s leading conference app now comes complete with full quiz and scoring capabilities. Run your quiz with many more choices than with traditional quiz methods. Don’t worry about marking, our quiz engine manages everything from different question types, scoring and leaderboards at the touch of a button. Our operator will be on site to ensure you and your guests have a smooth running quiz and any last minute changes or additions are implemented.

Crystal Quiz on iPad

At a recent London event, we supported an evening charity gala dinner where the quiz was the main activity. The 400 or so guests sat at 40 tables, and each table worked together as a table team – each team personalised their experience with their own team name. From the stage, the quiz master presented each question with PowerPoint support on the main screen (usually showing the question and choices, but sometimes the additional multimedia elements such as pictures, video and/ or audio playback). There was a tremendous buzz and excitement in the room throughout.

The Crystal Quiz presented the question and choices on each team’s iPad mini. The teams selected their answer or answers and submitted their response, our quiz engine automatically marked the quiz and updated the leaderboards.

The 72 question quiz was formatted into 6 rounds, with short breaks after each round in order to replenish drinks and review answers and the reveal the current round winner and overall winner. The total points possible to score during this quiz were 95. The winning team achieved a total of 70 points. A guest said,

“We loved using the iPads and quiz app, it made the night even more special and fun.”

How the great Crystal Quiz works

Play with teams or individuals: one iPad mini per team or individual.

Up to 6 rounds with up to 12 questions per round.

Multiple choice question types: select one, select two, select three, true or false.

Variable automatic scoring: 1 point per right answer, 2 points per right answer and even accommodating variable scoring for fringe answers.

Leaderboards: after each round and cumulative Leaderboard.

The Crystal Quiz works live in room or virtually online. No need for PowerPoint or mainscreen, put the entire question and choices on the iPad screen.


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