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The Crystal Interactive blog brings you industry insight and advice on the latest tools, technologies and techniques for live and virtual events.

My Pride In The Connector

My name is Harry and I’m the equipment manager for Crystal Interactive Meetings. In 2005 when I started, the company was called IML and we pioneered the technology of electronic voting and brought digital interactivity to delegates.

I’m currently packing 5,500 of our Connector handsets that will be used at multiple meetings during a symposium in Copenhagen. The Connectors are stored in an intelligent dock that contains 50 handsets, the dock manages the charging and the deployment of settings to each handset such as client branding, speaker bios and power settings. Each dock lives in a bespoke flight case designed to stack and interlock with other cases during shipping.

Connectors Charging

To deploy these handsets, I turn on the Connector base station which broadcasts a bespoke and secure radio network. Thousands of handsets connect to the base station within seconds. Every handset is then ready to send votes, text messages or live delegate speech via the impressive line-level microphone.

This is a system that has been designed to function flawlessly in every aspect of its use and handling.

I have tools to monitor the battery level remotely on every single handset. I have a record of the total capacity and projected run time of the battery on every single handset. The team who designed these handsets have 25 years experience and have used every ounce of that know how to create a powerful, reliable and feature rich audience engagement device. I am proud to manage, maintain and deploy these unique devices to hundreds of events per year, they are like the swiss army knife of audience response.

Our clients come to us when they need to make good decisions, decisions that are too important for a handful of people to make. Our handset ensures every thought and opinion can be shared live or considered later using the data captured. Our clients come to us when it’s really important to get event technology right.

When I dig a hole I use a spade. Since I own a fat Labrador and my daughter plays the cello I drive a Volvo estate. When you want 100% of your audience to respond, use a Connector handset.


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