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iOS 8

iOS 8 And Interactive Events

Apple’s annual release of it’s mobile operating system, the software which powers the iPad and iPhone, always presents us with new and exciting opportunities. The launch of iOS 8 is no different.

In this post, I explain what the introduction of iOS 8 means for Crystal and the delegates using our conference app.

Apple have completely overhauled their old apps and launched new native apps. The redesign offers a new flat look to improve the overall user experience. So let’s take a look at how these new features will benefit our delegates.

Tighter integration with Wearables – the Apple Watch and other wearable devices will integrate perfectly with iOS 8. The adoption of wearable technology is a hot topic for 2015 as the technology improves and becomes more accepted.

Continuity – connect and sync up your data and content across multiple Apple devices in real time. Creativity is not constrained to a device, update your content wherever you like.

More effective iBeacons* – beacons offer real time positioning indoors which will enable information delivered to your device relevant to where you are and who you are near to. Find out more about iBeacons here.

There’s tonnes of stuff under the iOS 8 bonnet that has really whet the appetite of the tech experts at Crystal including:

Battery Usage Indicator will definitely help the onsite team monitor power usage to ensure the tech lasts a long show day!

Quicktype makes a considerable attempt at predicting contextuality more accurately. People needn’t fear for your Grandma.

Another feature that caught my eye is the Health app which promises to game us into improving health & fitness. Apple are also attempting to crack mobile payments with Apple Pay.

With every new iOS release, there’s always reports of a few teething troubles. Crystal devices are only updated when we can ensure the operating system is stable and able to run our apps.

Find out more about interactive event apps and technology, please contact Mark Robertson in sales on 020 3176 2000 or by email mrobertson@crystal-interactive.co.uk.

* Research conducted by inMarket concluded app usage increases 16.5 times for users who receive notifications triggered by nearby beacons, if that’s not a reason for your clients to embrace the technology, I’m not sure what is!


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