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Crystal iPad Air

iPad Air We Go

I’m excited to announce that as of Monday 3 March our new fleet of iPad Airs will take to the skies. 

Our total commitment to putting the latest event technology into our clients’ hands continues.

After two and a half years of service and many thousands of miles travelling in cold trucks and planes, to over 100 events each, our iPad 2s go back to their maker.

So what are the reasons for the make over?

Awesome Retina

First, I am excited about moving to Retina technology. I have seen some of our app designs and graphics really pop on Retina screens. Rather like exceptional quality Hi-Fi, I never realised there was anything wrong with the old display, until I saw the new iPad Air one!

Incredibly Skinny

Second, I think the lightness implied by the name will be crucial. Our feedback from delegates has always been that iPad 2s are bulky for carrying around all day and the significant improvements in portability will be very important. I love our minis for their portability but if delegates are looking at detailed slides or sharing devices I believe the Air will provide the best of both worlds.

But it’s the innards that I most want to get my hands on.

Fabulous Apple Hardware

The iPad Air is the first device designed specifically for iOS 7. The new OS promises support for iBeacons to make our apps location aware indoors and much improved device management.

At its heart, the iPad Air boasts a significantly faster processor which will enable us to work on some very exciting new developments later this year.

The improved camera means we can expect better, sharper photo sharing and the faster WiFi will further improve our delegates’ experience.

Watch this space for further developments!

If you want to find out more about our new iPad Airs, call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000.


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