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The Crystal Interactive blog brings you industry insight and advice on the latest tools, technologies and techniques for live and virtual events.

Crap Free Confex

A Crap Free Confex

Confex speaker Gerald Ratner made a spectacular gaffe by calling his jewellery products ‘total crap’, this led directly to the collapse of his family’s £1.2bn business.

But years later unsuspecting consumers are still being missold, as a recent protest against Black Friday emphasised with irony. Nevertheless, one person’s rubbish is another person’s gold, underlined by the success of eBay.

As a risk taking businessman and part time comedian, Ratner will know more than most about handling corporate crises. I look forward to hearing Ratner speak entertainingly of his business highs and lows during his Confex keynote on 18 March.

Confex Inspiration

64% of corporate event planners expect to have some form of conference app or digital engagement at their events.

So many visitors will be exploring Confex for inspiration and the latest ideas for event technology.

Event Technology Uncovered

At Confex’s Event Technology Uncovered there are over 60 exhibitors, clear evidence of the explosion of technology start ups over the past 3 years.

Cut through the crap and visit Crystal on stand CL45. We’re the pioneers in event technology and audience engagement. We provide clear, friendly and unbiased advice on event technology matters and want to help you and your delegates get the most out of technology.

Not only that, but you will benefit from an immersive experience of our brilliant Conference App which has been delighting delegates and organisers.

Wearables, iBeacons and Team Building in the Warm

Be the first to participate in the latest audience response technology using smart watches and iBeacons.

Saddle up for a Tour de Confex experience by playing our new collaborative Team Cycling Challenge.

And discover how easy it is to measure conference success with our ROI calculator.

Meet and Repeat

Find out why more than 70% of clients who use Crystal once, go on and repeat the experience within a year.

Wouldn’t you prefer to work with a conference app provider who has been rated Very Good or Good in our client satisfaction survey for every engagement this year?

Visit Crystal At Confex

Visit us on stand CL45 for a chat and a demo. We’d love to see you there and, better still, why not get in touch and let us know you’re coming.

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