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Be Inspired

Be Inspired.

Today we launch our Confex campaign and this year we are looking at the theme of inspiration: the times we have been inspired by the impact technology has made to a meeting or event.

We will be sharing some of our experiences on our stand E2T and we will be asking you for your own stories: when you have been inspired by the difference technology has made at your event or an event you have attended or seen.

Why Be Inspired?

When visiting the Event Tech Live exhibition in November, I spoke to a friend and client, Richard Elson, about his experience of the show. Richard said, “I saw what I think is a pile of clever innovation but no-one was very distinctive in what their technology could do and, worse, no-one could describe to me what difference their technology makes to the lives of the average participant.”

In an industry which deals so heavily in unique occasions focused on the delegate experience we, as event technology providers, have to play our own part in explaining how we contribute to the overall outcome. And it doesn’t have to just be the huge LED-festooned Olympic opening ceremony we focus on – but rather on the difference we make to delegates’ experiences each and every day.

Since my conversation with Richard, we have resolved to be distinctive, and to focus on the difference our technology can make to your meetings. Confex is our first opportunity to try out our new approach.

So if you are visiting Confex, come and see us and share your inspiration, and find out from the Crystal team the most inspiring examples of event technology in real life events. If you are not coming, feel free to share your story using the #loveinteractive and we will put them on the stand.

I look forward to seeing you there.


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