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Choose the device that's right for your conference. Can't decide? Take a look at our overview page

Simple to use interactive audience response systems. Can't decide? Take a look at our overview page

iPad Airs for events: The ultimate device for collaboration
iPad Airs for events: The ultimate device for collaboration

What type of event
are you planning?

You want your delegates to interact before, during and after the event, you might want to consider a Bring Your Own Device Solution with our Conference App. Alternatively get your delegates to use BYOD before and after the event and use our iPad Mini's for the live event.

Please call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your requirements further.

You might want consider Bring Your Own Device or shared iPads together with our Conference App.

Please call Madeleine or Lindsay on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your event objectives and they’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

Consider using the ultimate delegate device the iPad Mini. This together with our Conference App and other App modules can make your event more interactive and engaging.

Please call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your requirements further.

Please take a look at our Exhibition App.

Please take a look at Giving Live our game-changer Auction App.

Please take a look at our Voting Keypads.

Event Guide
A group of portable devices

Large screen with Retina

It’s not an exaggeration to say Apple has revolutionised live event technology. Devices like our iPads have made it easier than ever for audiences to interact with presenters; submit questions; access personalised event content; and watch live presentations streamed from the main screen.

So why choose an iPad?

The larger screen size and higher resolution of the iPad is the preferred choice if the presentation includes complicated diagrams or a large amount of text, or if the event app is content rich. And it’s a good choice too if there’s a number of delegates who need to share the screen for collaboration exercises or interactive team-building games.

Plus, delegates are often already familiar with the iPad but may not have used the mini yet. Some delegates may also want to use their own iPad for the event. And we can provide complementary iPads to the remaining delegates so that everyone is using the same technology.

"The iPad really helped me to collaborate with the other delegates on my table throughout the conference"

John Anderson

The Benefits



Access personalised content, submit questions, watch presentations



Larger screen format ideal for complex diagrams and content rich apps



Supports team and table group working on shared iPads

Why choose Crystal as your event iPad supplier?

Our fleet of the latest iPads is available for your delegates to use at numerous events around the globe including conferences, workshops, panel discussions and consultations.

But as well as the latest technology, we also have an expert team available which has been creating and deploying some of the most ambitious and sophisticated iPad apps to appear at conferences over the last few years. We support hundreds of events per year with our technology. They also have a talent for sharing what they’ve learned in Plain English too.

To find out more about using iPads at your event or to request a demo, get in touch.

Get in touch

iPad Airs are
a fantastic solution
delegates working together. The screen size makes it easier for groups to share ideas and collaborate on activities.

Chris Elmitt
Managing Director

We'll help you choose the right technology for your event


Voting Keypads

Collect valuable data, increase audience participation and measure levels of understanding, buy-in and commitment - all at the touch of a button.

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With an awesome Retina display, the impressively lightweight Air is the most desirable choice for groups, complex presentations or content rich apps.

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Own Device

Give delegates something familiar to use and enable them to access and engage with the event content via their own smartphone or tablet.

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Use the latest software, technical support and unique approach to moderation that genuinely connects participants with speakers.

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