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Why It's Good To Vote Image

Why It’s Good To Vote

The country goes to the polls in two days time and millions of people will be exercising their democratic right to vote and elect the next government. Who knows what the country will decide, but the pre-election polls indicate a hung parliament is looking most likely. What we do know is that there will be a ballot paper with many candidates, one person has one vote, there will be a voting booth and and a ballot box. The vote is carried out in person, simply, secretly and anonymously.

Voter turnout in 2010 was just 65% – the third lowest since the introduction of universal suffrage. Voter apathy with the political process, parties and what they stand for are largely cited as reasons for this. Where Crystal provides the digital voting at live events we typically achieve 80% response rates and often over 90% from the conference delegates and that’s for votes which carry much less far reaching consequences.

We’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money to create the most reliable and robust software to support every type of vote process available. At Crystal we provide technology supported voting to enable fast, efficient and reliable collection of votes during even the most complicated event. We’ve provided voting for 5 person focus groups to 3,500 person hybrid events with delegates situated across many countries and every type of event, conference and known voting process.

How do we achieve this?

We understand speakers, delegates, events and the voting process. We know how important it is that voting technology works first time, every time, quickly, securely and perfectly. We know how important it is to show results quickly and accurately. We understand how important it to craft a carefully worded question or statement and to make sure the voting options are valid.

Crystal keypad voting is simple and effective, if you’ve got a question or statement that can be responded to then you’ve got an engaging service available at your fingertips. Voting on a dedicated device like a keypad has been available for 20 years now and the technology has scarcely advanced.

The arrival of smartphones, mobile event tech, 3 and 4G and WiFi Internet enabled venues has made event technology and voting more available and accessible than ever before.

Live event voting is still a valid, powerful, insightful, interactive and engaging activity for delegates wanting to make a contribution to their event, and it’s just as important to make it available on a physical device as well as via an event app.

If voting at the general election were this simple and digital would the turnout be improved?


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