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Personalised PDFs

Personalised PDF Workbooks

How do you follow up with delegates after your event is finished? How do you maintain the momentum begun at your internal event or conference after delegates return to their busy day jobs. And are you able to measure the impact or effectiveness of your post event comms?

If your answers are we don’t, we can’t or have no idea what you’re talking about then find out how we can provide personalised PDFs to your delegates post event.

Have you ever wished you could package up all the brilliant ideas, thoughts, ambitions, objectives, key outcomes, commitments and much, much more discussed at your event and quickly send it out in a beautifully packaged post event communication? Can you imagine doing all that, and at the touch of a button.

Personalisation Increases Impact and Awareness

When you use a Crystal event app, we now make it easy for your post event communication to be personalised to each delegate, increasing impact and awareness, encouraging engagement and maintaining momentum.

Our typical engagement rates for this type of personalised, branded, post event digital communication is 85% email open rate and 55% for the personalised PDF report download.

At recent events, we have been taking delegate’s inputs to brainstorms, Q&A, voting, group discussions and combining it with personal content input (such as personal notes and messages) and formatting this data into a personalised, branded PDF which then gets sent out from our system to each delegate by email.

Each delegate receives a personalised email direct to their inbox with all the carefully curated event messages front and centre along with all their own inputs, their table groups or breakouts discussion points and topics. This is a sensational way to maintain the event momentum once the event is finished.  Think about it as a personalised infographic of the event you just attended. It is really powerful and engaging content and actions, owned by each delegate.

Measure For Success

Better still, as part of the ROI measurement, we can provide engagement statistics on how many people (and the percentage) opened the  email and downloaded their report. We can provide benchmark analysis to give you a measure of success against your corporate peer group.

Post event communications never looked this good or read and got actioned this brilliantly.

Click to download an example of a personalised PDF Workbook here




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