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Instant Infographics

Infographics have rapidly become a great way of sharing content simply and easily. So I’m excited to introduce Instant Infographics – a new way to share content created in real time at your event.

The best infographics make even the most impenetrable data understandable. Even better, infographics as pieces of content or inbound marketing can be rapidly and easily shared on social sites raising awareness far and wide.

We have developed a way to enable your delegates to provide survey results which then create an attractive infographic in real time at your event.

Instant Infographics In 3 Easy Steps

Create an Instant Infographic from real time delegate feedback to amplify your key event messages and outcomes fast.

With our interactive technology and some good planning it’s possible to create an attractive and insightful Instant Infographic live during your event.

Step 1: Event delegates submit their survey responses using our Event App.

Step 2: From the results, our operator then creates the Infographic using pre-agreed templates.

Step 3: The Infographic is published in the desired format and shared on appropriate social sites by you, also encouraging your delegates to reshare and download the content.

Instant Infographics enables real time amplification of your event’s key messages and outcomes.

More Collaboration Means Greater Engagement

But don’t stop there.

Our collaboration tools also enable you to invite delegates to Ask Questions, Vote (with Pop Up instant vote), Brainstorm, Theme, Comment with Liking of inputs and comments.

Only Crystal’s collaboration tools provide the scope and flexibility to ensure full participation from your delegates.

Don’t Wait, Create An Instant Infographic

We’re really excited about this new way of creating and sharing real time delegate content in an instant. We think it’s a great way to share delegate generated content and amplify your key messages.

Contact me to find out about this unique service and much more, call 020 3176 2000 or email lpowles@crystal-interactive.co.uk.


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