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Event Selfies Exposed Blog Image

Event Selfies Exposed

We love taking and sharing pictures and selfies in particular. The huge popularity of Facebook and Instagram for picture sharing show just how much we enjoy communicating visually.

The definition of a selfie is a picture that you take of yourself, typically the picture is taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media.

Selfie of the Year

Selfie was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2013 beating such delights as binge-watch, schmeat and twerk.

How do you know when an activity has achieved critical mass? I think it’s when the noun earns it’s own entry in the OED, has a smartphone created specifically for it and it’s made the subject of a Hollywood TV series.

Adrenaline Junkies

Some selfie junkies are even ready to risk injury to capture the perfect sporting selfie. During Le Tour de France 2014, as the peleton approached, spectators were seen leaning backwards into the road, arm aloft holding their smartphone, taking an action selfie.

The most retweeted photo post of all Twitter time (3.4m), which currently is the only digital time worth mentioning, is Ellen DeGeneres’ A Lister selfie from the Oscars 2014.

Selfie Drones

Have you ever worried that your arm’s length reduced the quality of your selfie image? (Indeed Ellen commented on the length of Bradley’s arm in the aforementioned record breaking tweet.)

Now Ellen and other selfie lovers need worry no more. A company is merging cutting edge technologies to bring us the Selfie Snapping Drone. Launched from your wrist, the drone hovers just far enough away from your face to take the perfect selfie.

Event Selfies Framed

Where Hollywood A Listers go, delegates follow and that’s certainly true when it comes to Event Selfies. Event Selfies are a hit with delegates, and a number of new specific specialised event services have sprung up including Eversnap and Eventstagram.

Here are some of the ways Event Selfies can be used to increase engagement.

1. Selfies are a visual measure of engagement with event content, particularly at exhibitions.

2. Increase engagement with group selfies, from table group activities or team building.

3. Make taking and sharing selfies part of the exhibitions and run competitions around them.

4. Gamify selfies by offering rewards for more posts, most likes, most comments.

5. As part of a evening engagement, with a prize for best group and individual selfie.

6. Selfie caption competition.

7. Start taking Event Selfies, just don’t get over exposed.


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