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Choose the device that's right for your conference. Can't decide? Take a look at our overview page

Simple to use interactive audience response systems. Can't decide? Take a look at our overview page

Games apps: A fun and informal way to engage delegates and test knowledge
Games apps: A fun and informal way to engage delegates and test knowledge

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You want your delegates to interact before, during and after the event, you might want to consider a Bring Your Own Device Solution with our Conference App. Alternatively get your delegates to use BYOD before and after the event and use our iPad Mini's for the live event.

Please call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your requirements further.

You might want consider Bring Your Own Device or shared iPads together with our Conference App.

Please call Madeleine or Lindsay on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your event objectives and they’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

Consider using the ultimate delegate device the iPad Mini. This together with our Conference App and other App modules can make your event more interactive and engaging.

Please call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your requirements further.

Please take a look at our Exhibition App.

Please take a look at Giving Live our game-changer Auction App.

Please take a look at our Voting Keypads.

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Entertaining and informative

How do you know if your presentation has been understood? Or if you have buy-in from delegates?

An engaging and fun way to test your delegates’ knowledge and encourage team-building and collaboration is with a Games App.

Why choose a Games App for your event?

Rather than straightforward Q&As, Games Apps can be designed to ensure delegates discover the correct answer to each question before progressing, rather than having to guess and finding out the right answers at the end. This ensures teams discuss the problem, dilemma or question in-depth before moving on once they’ve got it right. And it also encourages a little healthy competition between teams with the highest scores displayed on a leaderboard on the main screen.

Increasingly, meeting planners want to include a game element into their conference mix using technology. We have built games which adapt different gameshow formats for the conference environment. We are happy to deploy these “out of the box” solutions for you, or to look at creating something new for you. Get in touch with your idea and we will work to make it into a reality for you.

Read Jon’s blog post about our Highly Commended collaborative Team Cycling Challenge Games App.

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Why choose Crystal to design an interactive games app?

When we started out in 2000 we were originally conference facilitators. So we know what it takes to energise and entertain an audience. All that games apps are doing is digitising the format, enabling the responses to be captured in real-time and giving organisers an immediate insight into delegate thinking.

There is no limit to the types of games apps you can have for your conference or event. If you can think it, we can design and build it.

Find out more about custom-built games apps for conferences, or book a demo.

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Deliver content and learning in new ways with our iPad based conference games.

Phil Craxford
Technical Manager

We'll help you choose the right app for your event


Conference App

Collaboration between planners, participants and presenters and up to the minute conference information for delegates.

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Auction App

A game-changer for fundraisers running silent auctions with apps that emulate the exciting live event experience.

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Exhibition App

Exhibition App

Tell your sales story in a whole new way with a customised exhibition app that you can use at your stand.

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