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Choose the device that's right for your conference. Can't decide? Take a look at our overview page

Simple to use interactive audience response systems. Can't decide? Take a look at our overview page

Exhibition app: A simple tool for capturing visitor data on the stand
Exhibition app: A simple tool for capturing visitor data on the stand

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You want your delegates to interact before, during and after the event, you might want to consider a Bring Your Own Device Solution with our Conference App. Alternatively get your delegates to use BYOD before and after the event and use our iPad Mini's for the live event.

Please call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your requirements further.

You might want consider Bring Your Own Device or shared iPads together with our Conference App.

Please call Madeleine or Lindsay on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your event objectives and they’ll be able to advise you accordingly.

Consider using the ultimate delegate device the iPad Mini. This together with our Conference App and other App modules can make your event more interactive and engaging.

Please call Lindsay or Madeleine on 020 3176 2000 to talk through your requirements further.

Please take a look at our Exhibition App.

Please take a look at Giving Live our game-changer Auction App.

Please take a look at our Voting Keypads.

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Smart and simple

What’s the point of having an exhibition stand? Because your competitors do? Because it’s a couple of days out of the office? Because you hope to generate a database of potential leads who may want to do business with you in the future? If it’s generating leads (and it should be), the next question to ask is: how will you engage with exhibition visitors and collect names? Zapping bar codes on badges? That often yields very little data, which you won’t get until long after the visitor has left your stand. Or collecting business cards? We’ve all seen those glass bowls packed full of cards that someone back in the office will spend hours entering into a database. Very often the only information they have is a name, email address and a job title. What you want to know is: what is this person’s buying power? What do they know already? What was their motivation for coming to talk to you? iPad Mini

Why exhibitors choose apps

The easiest way to draw visitors to your stand, collect vital information, and gain valuable insight is with a custom-made exhibition app. Attend any exhibition these days and you will see stand staff proudly pointing to their shiny iPad displaying images of their product. While this may have been cutting edge in 2010, it’s a bit “me too” these days. If you want to deploy iPads at your stand, then you need to make them work hard for you: helping your stand staff to tell a story, to capture crucial visitor insights or to engage visitors in a new, interactive experience. Call us to find how we have worked with savvy clients to achieve this on their stands.

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Why choose Crystal to design your exhibition app?

Our exhibition apps are tailor-made to your industry and your business and can include feature rich content such as video, games, quizzes or competitions. Not only will these attract visitors to your stand, it makes your sales team more confident in explaining your product or service and gives them the opportunity to share the story of your brand in a relaxed non-sales environment.

And, of course, they also get to collect that vital contact and visitor information, which you can use when the exhibition is over.

Find out more about custom-built apps for exhibitions, or book a demo.

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Exhibition app – Tell your sales story in a whole new way with a customised exhibition app.

Roylan Bonayon
Account Executive

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Conference App

Collaboration between planners, participants and presenters and up to the minute conference information for delegates.

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Games App

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