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The Crystal Interactive blog brings you industry insight and advice on the latest tools, technologies and techniques for live and virtual events.

Mashed Potatoes

I was listening to the radio on the way into work the other morning and there was a discussion on the release or rather re-release of the classic Nokia 3310 mobile phone. There is a very valid question of why in this world of lightning fast connections and social media would anyone want a phone that just… phones?

After a minute or two of discussing the retro look, and how cool it was to be so last decade, the conversation moved on to how sometimes it’s nice to have less technology.

Here, at Crystal Interactive Meetings, we offer a wide range of engagement tech. At the top end there’s the full package of pre event consultation with all singing all dancing event apps on iPads delivered with fully installed WiFi and our tech specialists on site. Or, perhaps, a “Bring Your Own Device” option with our partners at Meetoo. Alternatively, a client may find our world leading handsets are perfect for the job.

These handsets that look a bit like, well, old mobile phones. The IML Communicator, now around 15 years old and still regularly used across the globe for its rock solid voting set the bar high for event tech and looks a bit like an old Nokia 3210.

The IML Connector, the most sophisticated dedicated audience engagement tool ever made, looks a bit like an old Blackberry. Our hardware is completely bespoke, it could have been made to any design but it’s about engagement, in this case not between people, but between people and technology. Time after time when I’m showing clients around our equipment store they’ll hold a handset, pause, smile and say “It’s like my old Nokia” or laugh and say “It’s a Blackberry!”. Instantly familiar, instantly at ease, instantly engaged.

This is perhaps why so many conversations with new clients start with an expectation to use iPads, they’re looking for a solution that will be cutting edge and look the part but be familiar to their delegates. Technology is a tool, just like a car, looking flash is great but you can’t get 3 kids and a weekly shop into a Ferrari.

That’s why we offer such a wide range of solutions for big meetings, small meetings, public meetings, secret meetings, WiFi, no WiFi, all delivered with the appropriate amount of technology. Too much tech and people become distracted and confused, too little and the spark to trigger a lively debate may be missed or an audience may become disengaged.

Like seasoning mashed potato, you need just the right amount to bring out the full flavour. We are the UK’s largest event technology specialist, we have vast experience and we’ve been doing this for a long time. Our technology specialists will guide you to choosing the perfect event technology to ignite a moment, to inspire a debate, to really bring out the flavour of your event.

So, you heard it here first, event technology is like mashed potato.

Meetoo Partners With Crystal

Meetoo, the real-time messaging and polling app for meetings and educational events, has formed a partnership with audience engagement specialist Crystal Interactive Meetings, that will see Crystal providing a comprehensive customer support service. The Meetoo platform, which can be downloaded onto any mobile device, has become a key player in...

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Participants Collaborate On App Best Practice

On Thursday 20 April over 50 event professionals attended our latest Event App workshop at etcvenues County Hall in London. During the 2 hour session, we heard some top tips from the Crystal team on how to maximise app adoption and engagement. We also heard from panelists Emily Magee (Read More

Event App Workshop Invite

It has been an exciting start to life as the newly-formed Crystal Interactive Meetings following our acquisition of IML's UK live meetings business from Lumi. We have worked on some brilliant events over the last few weeks, and as we approach the midst of the spring event season, I'm delighted to invite you...

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My Pride In The Connector

My name is Harry and I’m the equipment manager for Crystal Interactive Meetings. In 2005 when I started, the company was called IML and we pioneered the technology of electronic voting and brought digital interactivity to delegates. I’m currently packing 5,500 of our Connector handsets that will be used at multiple...

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Be Inspired

Be Inspired.

Today we launch our Confex campaign and this year we are looking at the theme of inspiration: the times we have been inspired by the impact technology has made to a meeting or event. We will be sharing some of our experiences on our stand E2T and we will be asking...

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Your Showcase Experience

On Thursday 16 February, 100 event professionals joined the Crystal Interactive Meetings team for a highly interactive workshop to learn more about audience engagement at events and experience our technology in a live conference setting. 2017-02-16 11.46.34                                 In one activity, we asked the audience...

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Ways To Engage Your Audience

I am delighted to invite you to our first Audience Engagement Workshop following our recent acquisition of IML's UK live meetings and event business from Lumi. This makes Crystal Interactive Meetings the largest event tech company in the UK. During the workshop we will share the benefits of the acquisition for you,...

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