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Let The Games App Continue Image

Let The Games App Continue

Games are big business. Gartner predicts the video game industry will have worldwide sales of $111 billion in 2015. Mobile games are the fastest growing segment and next year sales of $22 billion are forecast.

By comparison, Hollywood’s global box office takings were $36 billion in 2013 according to Hollywood Reporter.

People love playing games and this is especially true of delegates.

Collaborative and Engaging Games

We provide multi player, collaborative and engaging Games Apps to events.

I’m excited to say we’ve just released a new version of our successful Driving Games App. The objective is for the delegates using their iPad minis to control the speed and direction of a vehicle as it takes a journey from A to B as quickly as possible. On route, the audience needs to avoid obstacles such as cows and cones.

The new version adds the additional elements of keeping energy levels topped up and, if the vehicle crashes, calling out the support car. These new elements encourage greater involvement and teamwork. And they underline the need for collaboration and good timing and are key factors to game success.

Keep Games Simple and Fun

Why are our Games Apps so well received?

My colleague Jon Timms highlighted 3 key reasons: collaboration, fun with learning and participation in his excellent blog.

The other key ingredient is simplicity. I remember the first mobile game I played was Snake. The concept and controls were simple and intuitive. The addictive gameplay meant I kept coming back trying to beat my best score again and again.

When I think how I interact with my favourite mobile games now they only require 1 or 2 screen taps to play. This philosophy of simple interaction enabling satisfying gameplay is at the core of our Games Apps. This means delegates with no experience quickly understand the objective and how to play.


Gamification is a hot topic in the workplace. We are exploring how individual and team rewards and bonuses can improve interaction and engagement with our apps. Event outcomes can be enhanced by rewarding delegates leaving them with a sense of achievement post event.

Play A Game At Your Next Event

We have the knowledge, gaming experience and passion to make your Games App come to life. We will provide your delegates with an Event App experience like no other.

Contact Lindsay on 020 3176 2000 or by email on lpowles@crystal-interactive.co.uk for more information.


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