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Crystal Event App Technology - Conference App

5 Reasons Crystal Event App Technology Is The Best (Part 1)

It’s easy to spot the great interface design and powerful features in our Event Apps but there’s also a lot of clever technology under the bonnet. In the first of a two part post, I explain some of the key reasons why Crystal Event App Technology is best in breed.

1. Designed for Vote Now

Over the years we have found that one of the biggest challenges for interactive software is handling the Vote Now scenario where hundreds of people all push the Submit button at once.

Our Event App Technology has been designed from the ground up to handle Vote Now scenarios for several thousand devices.

2. Great Team of Engineers

Apart from our excellent graphic designers and app developers we have a team of 5 highly skilled software engineers working on the core technology constantly improving Crystal Event App features, performance and security.

3. Enterprise Security

Unnecessary security can often be at odds with a great delegate experience and not all events require it. But security isn’t an afterthought for us.

Our Event App Technology is built to enterprise security standards and has been designed to conform to the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) 2013 standard for unauthenticated web threats, plus we offer a multitude of options that determine how users securely authenticate through the login process.

4. High Performance Event App Technology

Our apps push the design and performance limits of our iPads and network and are built using the same real-time communication technology proven by Facebook and Twitter.

Unfortunately real world public and mobile networks, firewall filters, plus a zoo of legacy smart phones and desktop browsers conspire to break apps (and not just ours). That’s why we like to use our own kit wherever possible.

Fortunately for Bring Your Own Device events and tricky network conditions we can quickly tune the app to ensure that all the features keep working at the optimum performance for the environment.

5. Works Offline

It can be difficult and costly to network large spaces reliably so we have developed an offline capability that allows our web apps to operate in areas where there is no WiFi coverage. This allows us, for example, to capture surveys and feedback when offline then synchronising the inputs when the delegates return online (usually in plenary).

Use the Best

We work hard to ensure that our Event App Technology provided to our clients is the best as well as tried and tested. You can trust us to make sure you and your delegates have an amazing Event App experience.

Read Part 2 of my blog post here.


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