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Innovative Fintech Pitch Engagement

At a recent Fintech investment seminar Crystal Interactive delivered an innovative and exciting new way to run pitches.

Our client wanted to make the seminar and pitch process competitive as well as exciting and fun. It also needed to support the trusted, collaborative environment of the programme. Developing the client concept Crystal provided technology to deliver the latest in innovative iPad bidding.

As part of a mentoring programme, Fintech entrepreneurs were invited to deliver their elevator pitches to senior IT executives from one of the world’s leading banks. The entrepreneurs tested out their propositions on these execs to find out if potential investors would believe they have what it takes to succeed.

At the Canary Wharf seminar, each table of execs was provided with an iPad and a branded interactive app running the Bid Now button. Each table was only allowed to ‘invest’ once during the eight pitches.

The eight Fintech entrepreneurs were each allowed two minutes to pitch. One minute into the pitch, the Bid Now button was enabled. At this point, the entrepreneur delivering the pitch is available to be ‘invested in’ by any of the table groups.

The table group that presses the Bid Now button first wins the company. And when that happens, the Bid Now button stops working so no other tables are able to bid. The winning investors table number is shown on the main screen and all the iPads. The winning table is then prevented from bidding on any subsequent pitches. This all happens instantly and in real time.

The delegates were hugely engaged in both the pitches and by the technology, the energy in the room was electric and the mood excited.

The client was delighted by the outcome saying,

“… it [Bid Now] really added another dimension to the evening and definitely gave it a truly unique feel.

It was a pleasure to work with Stephen and he was definitely a real asset on site.

We would certainly look to use Crystal again in the future as I was very impressed with the service you provided both before and during the event.” Joel Orme, Account Manager