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10 Commandments For Conference App Success

10 Top Tips For Event App Success

Have you just been asked to explore the options to provide a event app at your next conference, or do you want to improve on last year’s effort? Are you worried you haven’t got the time to arrange this year’s conference in amongst the day job, let alone handle the setup and planning needed to successfully deploy an event app?

I’ve set about helping you to answer all this and improve the outcomes of your event app deployments by asking the question, “what are my top 10 tips for conference and event app success”?

The conference app landscape has altered dramatically over the last 3 years as the rate of innovation and change has increased and new entrants have joined the marketplace looking to shake up an industry with brave new ideas and approaches. One route is to offer your delegates a free or almost free event app, do much of the content work yourself, suffer workarounds for non or missing features and watch with indignity when no-one bothers to download the fruits of your hard labour.

Alternatively, approach Crystal Interactive who will make every effort in advance and on site to ensure you delegates engage and use your conference app. The question is how important is the engagement to the outcome of your event. A free app may tick the digital box, but it is incapable of truly meeting the learning, engagement or success criteria you will have.

I’ve facilitated and attended hundreds of technology supported meetings over the years. I’ve facilitated every kind of corporate event, from the boardroom, to multi event roadshows, to thousands of people attending hybrid live and virtual conferences.

What should you ask for and expect of your app supplier and what do you need to consider as you embark on providing an event app?

I’ve now distilled my 10 top tips for event app success into one easy to read report.

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