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5 More Reasons Our Event Technology Is The Best (Part 2)

In the second part of my two part post, I identify another 5 key reasons why Crystal Event Technology is the best available for event owners and their delegates.

In this post, I focus mainly on our engineering and server performance and scalability.

1. Continuous Improvement

We strive to offer our clients the latest and greatest new Event Technology features.

So when we find a feature or process that really works at an event we package it and include it as a module or enhancement in the next release.

We aim to do major releases every 4 weeks, but in the fast paced world of events, it’s been known to be every 2 weeks!

2. Capacity for 30+ online events and 30+ local servers at the same time

Our Event Apps run on our own online and offline servers, supported directly by our team of engineers. And just in case of any problems, we have their mobile numbers on speed dial!

3. Apps hosted all year round and inside our clients’ networks

An Event App is not just for the event.

A growing trend is for our clients’ apps to be hosted all year round. Our Deploy Anywhere Event Technology allows us to support private apps hosted within our customers organisations and behind external firewalls allowing the highest security and governance of our clients’ data.

4. Our Event Technology Servers are Virtual Event Appliances (VEAPs)

Every Event App needs a server that acts as a hub for all of the connected devices to exchange data and content.

Each Crystal event is created as a virtual appliance meaning that the event app server is completely dedicated to the client and event. The key advantage of the Virtual Event Appliance (VEAP) is that an Event App is built on our very latest, pre-tested environment.

The benefits of this approach are that we can reliably construct amazing, high performance Event Apps that are secure and keep all data private to that client.

5. Reliable deployment of changes right up to the event

Virtual Event Appliances (VEAPs) allow us to host an Event App online and then transfer the entire Event App efficiently and reliably to a local server for the actual event. This is one of the reasons why Crystal are best placed to accommodate client reviews and change requests right up to the event itself.

Use The Best

To find out more about our scalable, robust and best ever Event App technology please get in touch with me on 020 3176 2000 or drop me a line by email.

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